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NOTE: The Voodoo Absolute V2 requrires a 3 inch wheel


Lightning strikes twice!  Introducing the all new Voodoo Absolute V2.  This new tire utilizes an equal sidewall design that measures an impressive 3 inch bead interface and is yet another tool in the Voodoo toolbox!

Weights and info:

7075 V2 Track Series Wheel: 29g per wheel (designed to be used on smooth surfaces) (standard offset and width) (color: silver)

7075 V2 Street Series Wheel: 33g per wheel (designed to be used on surfaces that are typically seen for street racing) (standard offset and width) (color: silver)

Machined Nylon V2 6 Spoke Wheel: 36g per wheel (nylon is a tough material and is suitable for all surface types) (standard offset and width) (color: black)

Voodoo Foam:  Average weight: 5g per foam (ultra lightweight and high quality) (fits V1 and V2 Voodoo Absolute tires)

Voodoo Absolute V2: 41g per tire (belted, equal sidewall) (fits 3" wheels)

Voodoo Absolute V2 Product Line

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