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The combination of our premium, technologically advanced VEX rubber compounding, highly engineered belted carcass, and our exclusive and proprietary Double DeadBand anti-rebound technology puts Voodoo ABSOLUTE ZERO racing slicks in a league of their own. 


The V2 is available in (from softest to firmest) red, gold, and silver compounds.  As a rule of thumb, the softer compounds should be considered for cooler temps (such as racing at night and early mornings) and the firmer compounds for warmer conditions.



V2 BELTED Voodoo ABSOLUTE ZERO Racing Slick 3.0/3.0(2 tires)


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  • The Voodoo Absolute Zero is a premium lightweight high performance tire and the use of ill fitting foams at high RPM's will permanently damage the rubber compound and belting. 


    ONLY use Voodoo Absolute foams OR properly setup air pressure system (do not exceed 2psi or run flat).


    The use of 'short course' style rubberized closed cell foams or open cell foams that are designed for other tire brands will void the factory warranty.


    What is covered under the limited warranty:

    -Breakage or separation at the factory belting seam glue line, which is the white area on the belt.  NOTE: There is  overlapping belt beyond the factory glue line that may detach at high RPM’s, this is cosmetic only and will not cause damage to the tire.

    -”out of the bag” Rubber damage that is noted PRIOR TO USE ONLY. This does not include cosmetic issues that do not affect performance. 


    What is NOT covered:

    -Belt breakage at any other point other than the factory glue line. 

    -Rubber wear and tear of any kind.

    -Cosmetic issues.


    What will void the warranty:

    -Use of any and all foam inserts other than the Voodoo open cell foams that are designed specifically for this tire.

    -Any alterations made to the carcass, including sanding and cutting the ribs..

    -Exceeding 2psi if an air pressure system is used.

    -Running the tires without foams or running flat when using an air pressure system.


    *UNDERSTANDING YOUR TIRES - "Belt and rubber damage will occur if " and other consideration:

    -Excessive rear 'toe in' angle.

    -Use of rear positive or negative camber.

    -Use of rubberized short course racing style foams.

    -Free wheeling at extreme rpm’s, which includes bench testing and acute loss of traction due to rollover or ‘kiting’ at high speeds.

    -Excessive tire warming, especially when used with petroleum based saucing chemicals.

    -Use of foams with flat spots caused by improper storage..

    -Poorly balanced or unbalanced wheel/tire.

    -Skid braking or slide outs.

    -Excessive duration burnouts on asphalt, concrete, or rug.

    -Excessive RPM burnouts on asphalt, concrete, or rug.

    ***stop burnout immediately if you hear a clicking sound coming from the tire, this sound is the result of the rubber heating up and folding and will cause permanent damage.

    -For burnouts, use a rug that’s made out of natural wool. All other rugs will leave a melted plastic residue which can inhibit traction. 

    -Due to the sophisticated nature of our rubber compounding, a quick low rpm burnout on a wool rug is generally sufficient, and with some experimentation, you may find that tire warmers and saucing chemicals, which are corrosive and will denature the rubber and belting at high temperatures, are not necessary on certain surfaces and running conditions. 

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