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Introducing the all new, no holds barred, KLR MT/x Extreme Terrain, the ultimate go anywhere, do anything tire!  Its aggressive tread design and massive sidewall features will pull your truck through terrain you never thought possible...good times ahead!!  CompSpec  Vex RED comes standard with this tire. 

KLR MT/x 1.9/4.7 Extreme Terrain (2 tires, foams sold separately)

SKU: ott-1.9-4.7-mtx
  • KLR MT/x tire setup recommendations (1.9/4.7)

    Because of its aggressive tread and sidewall pattern, this tire runs best in an ‘air down’ (very soft) configuration.

    -Vent the tires and/or wheels to maximise performance.

    -Run very soft foams or very soft printed inserts (printed inserts that create a ‘bounce’ type of drive feel are not recommended for most terrain types unless they are being used for rock bouncing; many 3D printed inserts do this, so be careful when choosing a printed insert).

    Foam Recommendations

    Halo WebWrap Foams are a perfect match for this tire:

    -Up to 7 lbs:  Halo WebWrap AirDown rear and Ultra AirDown front.

    -Over 7 lbs:  Halo WebWrap AirDown front and rear.

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