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Package contains 2 wheels including hub screws.

Needed to complete: aluminum or brass Voodoo hubs.


Same great PeepPocket features at a great price! The 8Shot beadlock ring and faceplate are machined as a one piece design making them a less price intensive option. 


8Shot wheels have several unique features:


-The rear pocket is very deep and wide open allowing portals, brass weights, and weight hangers to clear with ease.

-The center ring has a ribbed surface which is designed keep the inserts from sliding side to side on steep side hill lines. 

-The center ring is designed with a lockout which prevents the ring from sliding over the top of the tire bead while side hilling. 

-The wheel is simply and effectively held together using the 6 hub screws, this also adds a nice scale touch.

-All hardware is fully recessed which helps protects the screw heads from rock related damage.

-The hubs use all metric hardware and are keyed which makes installation a breeze.  This also acts as a rotational stop which helps the screws retain their torque. 

-Optional brass rear beadlock rings and hubs are available making it easier than ever to strategically add low cg weight. 

-Easily mount all tire brands  


Weight: 54g (+/-)

Materials: 6000 and 7000 series aluminum

Surface Finish: anodized silver


Part Number: ott-8s-1.9-s

1.9 SILVER 8Shot Voodoo DeepPocket Wheels (2 wheels)

SKU: ott-8s-1.9-s
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