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There will be three hills at every event. All hills will have a minimum time of 3 min or Maximum of 10 min depending on course. This is a progression race. Your performance will be what gets you to the next level.


1.“Chassis” Hill one, your rc must have at minimum a 4-point cage/roll bar that appears to be functional. Hill two and three you must have a minimum of a 8 point roll cage, like you would see on a wraith, bomber etc..


2. "No touch" no touching your Bouncer once the run has begun. Exceptions to this rule are: Hand of god recovery, if you roll over and cannot right your RC you then may pick up your RC and place it back to the last gate progressed. If you break and can trail repair with in your time limit. When deemed necessary we will allow catching if the hill has a large amount of incline to prevent too much damage.


3. "Gates" there will be limited number of gates to show your route and to make progression. You're allowed to hit the gates but no tire can be over the gate for progression Backing threw the gate is allowed only if it is in the intended direction of the course. Once the gate has been progressed it is now dead. Going back threw it will result in disqualification and you will get a DNF.


 Hill #1  Everyone will start on this hill, this will be an easy hill designed for the new driver to get a feel for the sport and or test and tune, this is also a warm up hill for those who are looking to move forward into the series. You are only allowed to run one Bouncer on this hill. Two runs not back to back, fastest 10 with in spec. will move on to hill two. 


Hill #2  This will be a Medium to Hard hill designed to challenge a driver and bring more of a competitive edge. You can only run the Bouncer you advanced from hill 1 with. Two runs, not back to back. The fastest 5 will move on to hill three.


Hill #3  This will be a difficult to extreme hill. This will be for the top 5 drivers from hill two. You can only run the Bouncer you advanced from hill 2 with. Two runs, not back to back. 

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