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Tire size: 2.2 x 5.5 x 2.0 Tire cleaning tips: Use undiluted Purple Power cleaner to remove the hazy white mold release from the surface of the rubber.


Ultra High Performance Racing and Crawling Tire.

Voodoo U4 2.2 (2 tires, foams not included)

SKU: 22u4-G
  • The Voodoo U4 is, hands down, THE most versatile 2.2 tire on the market! Designed with the venerable GY Wrangler in mind, this tire sets the bar for 'cuts' and 'sipes'...making it genuine builders tire!




    -VEX (Vertical Extreme) Rubber Compound!


    -Double Deadband anti rebound technology. This feature is engineered into the sidewall and greatly reduces bounce and allows the tire to easily conform to the terrain.


    -Engineered sidewall: Deep, specially shaped ribs allows the user to utilize very very soft foams without sacrificing side hill integrity.


    -FoamLoc: Grooves found on the inner diameter of the carcass help prevent the foams from moving side to side.


    -EZ Mount engineered beads...simply put, the easiest tires to mount in the industry!


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