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-90mm eye to eye

-65mm eye to eye fully compressed

-Body: CNC machined aluminum billet, 7.5mm --ID  10mm OD

-Springs: True dual rate, 14.5mm OD

-ONYX Emulsion Coating: Permanent lubricant coating, shocks can be run with or without shock oil.

-Shaft: 3mm Titanium Nitride coated high strength steel (Titanium Nitride (TiN, Tinite) is a specialized ceramic coating that's tough and smooth)

-Piston: CNC machined acetal, 4 port 

-Dual X-Ring shock seals

-Cap: Aluminum with stainless steel ball

-Rod End: HD plastic with stainless steel ball


90mm Voodoo Scale Shocks (2 Prebuilt Shocks)

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