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5 Time (and counting!) World Championship Comp Crawler Tire

2.2 Voodoo Pin (2 Tires, Foams Not Included)

SKU: 22pin
  •   Tire size:  2.2 x 5.5 x 2.0


    The Voodoo Pin comp crawler tire truly represents the pinnacle of functional design. Its versatility and raw performance has made it the go to comp crawler tire since day one!  WARNING! Other companies have tried to copy this tire, but they fall far far short...accept nothing but the best Voodoo Pin!




    -VEX (Vertical Extreme) Rubber Compound! 3 densities to choose from: Red (Extremely Soft), Gold (Ultra Soft), Silver (Soft)


    -Engineered Carcass: Subtle changes in carcass  thickness give this tire a very responsive and lively drive feel while still retaining full terrain contact.


    -EZ Mount engineered beads...simply put, the easiest tires to mount in the industry!

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